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Weekly Update July 10th

Klockner Moeller vs. Eaton What's The Difference?

In 2008 the Eaton Corporation acquired Klockner Moeller Worldwide, and in 2010 they also acquired Klockner Moeller North America, which was a separate entity from Klockner Moeller Worldwide. Following the North America acquisition is when we started seeing Moeller products packaged in an Eaton box with an Eaton part number. This part number change has caused some confusion. For example, a Klockner Moeller product such as a contactor displays a  Moeller DIL part number and an Eaton XTCE part number. Both part numbers represent the same product.

Who is Eaton Corporation and what is their plan for the Klockner Moeller product line?
Eaton is a multi billion dollar company that spans the globe. Prior to the acquisition of Klockner Moeller, Eaton carried product lines such as Cutler Hammer, Westing House, MEM, Powerware, Wright-Light, MGE, Santak, and EMC. The Klockner Moeller brand will eventually transition to the Eaton brand, but Klockner Moeller products will still be available. Powertronics Inc. has been selling Eaton Klockner Moeller products since 1974, and we will continue to offer the line.

Weekly Update

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